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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the program work?
Student achievement – academic, community involvement, extracurricular, and excellence in other areas – is at the forefront of the Earning Plus Learning program.
    Earning Plus Learning:
    Kroger is seeking the most enthusiastic elementary schools throughout the Atlanta Division to reward them for their students’ achievements – academically, community involvement, extracurricular and others.

What is the theme for this year’s program?
The theme for the 2012-2013 school year is: Go For The Gold!

If my school submits an entry, does that guarantee a reward?
Some schools may participate and not receive a reward. Georgia has many outstanding schools, and we know the judging panels will have difficult decisions to make. That’s why we’re leaving the entry submission as relaxed as possible so your school can shine and use their creativity! For example, if your school has a strong Art Department, involve them in creating a fantastic work of art to showcase your school’s numerous activities throughout the year! Does your school have outstanding audio-visual capabilities? Use them to make a video to support your application! If your school does not win an award this year, rally your students, teachers, parents and administrators to try again next year!

Kroger is helping fewer schools throughout the new program. Isn't it better for schools to get "something" than to get "nothing"?
We believe quality is important at Kroger – you see it with the products and services we offer in each and every one of our stores. Student achievement – academically, community involvement, extracurricular and others – is at the forefront of the Earning Plus Learning program. These students and their schools deserve a quality reward for their commitment to excellence. The Earning Plus Learning model actually gives more schools the opportunity to be rewarded with more money than they earned through the previous model.

Why is my school competing with schools so far away?
As a grocery retailer that is dedicated to serving the needs of local communities, schools are competing within set “Kroger School Districts” that allow for enhanced regional and local enthusiasm. Your Kroger School District is overseen by a Kroger District Manager – who has deep insight into all of the local communities that make up his or her district. This approach aligns with Kroger’s long-established tradition of offering valuable products, services and amenities that serve the needs of local communities.

How can I obtain more information about the program?
Please call Program Coordinator LaQuita Parks at the Kroger Earning Plus Learning office at 770-496-5324 or 1-800-562-4438.